Main Stage School

4-16 Year Olds, Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm


Whether a beginner or a pro, we can suit all needs, ages and abilities.  The hour of ‘Dance’ in the Main Stage School offers students the opportunity to work as a team, perform in front of each other on a weekly basis, learn all dance styles ( ballet, tap, modern, jazz, contemporary & street ) as well as being able to develop techniques to move and perform on stage.  Rhythm, musicality and confidence play a huge role in this session.  Our fantastic dance teachers Hayley and Steph have worked with children as young as 2 for the past ten years.  Choreographing routines and challenging the students to push their ability further each week is just park of the great work she creates with our 6 – 16 year olds.

Teaching movement skills, flexibility and learning how to carry yourself as a performer is our main focus in this class.  With fantastic results, progression and dance ability development in all of our students, we look forward to the new challenges our dynamic dancers are faced with every week and we never fail to have a lot of fun whilst working our socks off!


Improvisation, character building, role play, learning scripts, mime, slapstick… the list goes on in drama and we do them all!  Within the comfort of our beautiful drama studio, students are encouraged to be whoever they want to be.  With different acting techniques thrown at them each week, Melisa, our drama teacher takes the students on a new adventure through the art of theater in each session.  Drama skills are a fantastic tool to have as a young adult.  Speaking clearly and confidently in front of others whilst dealing with the pressure of a watching audience is tough for most adults, where as here at Inspire we are confident that our students can not only perform to large crowds, they can stand up and deliver speeches, monologues, comic sketches and any other topic of conversation without breaking a sweat.


A huge part of our work here at Inspire involves the art of music on so many different levels.  With pop-culture playing such a large role in our lives it’s not surprising that young children often dream of becoming the next Taylor Swift or Sam Smith.  We work passionately towards developing the voices of our students into the strong, confident sounds we hear on our radios.  Mark has been singing professionally since she was 18 and has the training and experience to help our students take their vocal ability to the next level.  Focusing on vocal tone, pitch and rhythm through musical theatre and a wide variety of other genres, students are given the opportunity to try new challenges in every session.  With weekly performances and new projects each term, we are constantly amazed at the level of vocal talent and ability we have within our 6 – 16 year olds.

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